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I have wondered since that she did knock. The showy crowd soon let them severely alone, for the old lady did not seem to possess one dinner g o w n. However, he persisted in trying to move the boat t o w a r d land.

It certainly does with children—every mother knows that. I t was not like the " lovely hat" in Edward Lear's Q u a n g1e Wangle Ouee, " a hundred and two feet wide, with ribbons and bibbons on every side," but it was as wide as the modern doorway permits, and it was lovely and flowerv and when in place on M r s Pike's head it hightened that effect 'of girlislmess to which no young matron objects.

These resting places are a veritable oasis in the unfamiliar realm of city life and its distractions. She had not been warned in vain by middle-aged relatives about making steamer acquaintances! There is something in the atmosphere of summer hotel life—perhaps it is merely the idleness—which causes even, sensible, well-balanced women to form sudden and precarious friendships which within the social boundaries of home would be almost an impossibility.

W e found a bucketful in the storeroom. Just in front of him sat a young girl of thirteen or fourteen, utterly unprovided with reading matter or occupation of any kind. It was no longer white, but surmounted by a waving plume of Chanticler red which nearly licked the ceiling.

The husband is a clerk, doing not only his day's work, but toiling nights that the wife and daughter may keep up appearances. I have in mind pictures enough to fill such an album. Guess my eyes are going to close this time.

T h e hotel man was being scalped, figuratively, for daring to " meddle with an angelic little boy who is simply too cute to live.

The woman, whom necessity keeps busy in her own home, suddenly thrown into idleness, may degenerate into a flirt, a gossip, a horrid snob or a confirmed " kicker," although in her own little circle she is known as a decent citizen.

She did not love them, though she liked them so warmly that her lack of love was a positive pain to her. The "Jims" were temporarily thwarted, but the next evening, when she returned for the night, her amazed eyes found the pair sleeping comfortably, roosting on the footboard of the bed!

P a t seemed astonished at heir ignorance of business methods T o o much l s it?

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So, on the whole, there was as much relief as anything in Molly M c N a r e ' s parting smiles, and the emotions with which she watched the figures of her friends and relatives dwindle to mere specks upon the shores of her native land were curiously mixed.

Coach- departure, Avhen Blake returned from a men and carriages were there in plenty, tramp up the road, he found sitting combut after counting my money I found fortably on the porch a Miss Graham, a that if we hired a carriage to convey us lady of uncertain years, who also always to the" Place d'Armes, where we were spent October at the farm.

T h e swing had to stay where it was, for it hung from an iron stanchion in the roof. An hour later, on the second floor of a big department store, she came across Miss Bronson, looking with all a bargainer's enthusiasm over table linen.

W e are left with blase young people who seem so horribly old and wise we wonder if they are really the younger generation.

This proved disastrous, for they were early risers, and it seemed to them a great deal pleasanter and less arduous to get an early breakfast at the hand of their benefactress than to have to search for it.

Occasionally the R G B has its spasms of feminine industry, when it crochets, knits wool slippers or embroiders.

Presently Cousin Phyllis appeared, with a rug-laden deck steward "in her wake, and after her first look about, " W h yMolly, you're in the wrong chair," she said. At this, Madame, with a pleased laugh, exclaimed, " But it is our own carriage!

As he looked into the mirror he was surprised to see how swollen his eyelids were. W h e n Ave finally reached the Place d'Armes I took out my purse.

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But, evidently, he awaited a response, for he gazed at her with genial expectancy. In behalf of Colorado Prof Mary F. W h e n he went into the tree house to wash up before supper his whole face was itching.

T h e city girl, never having ridden a donkey, was timid, and when riding along a precipice she requested the Irish guide to take her hand, which he did with evident willingness.

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